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An Oral Fixation

If you’re looking for a sexy escape from reality, look no further. All you need to do is use our Mr Lucky POV discount for 67% off, and you will be on your way to the hottest POV porn experience that you’ve ever seen.

I love the POV views as these babes perform their horny little hearts out. It really pulls you into the scene as it looks like it’s your cock that they are sucking and fucking. When they look directly into the camera with that dick in their pretty mouths, it takes me back to when my wife used to blow me constantly. She was a smoker for fifteen years. When she decided to quit, we realized she had an oral fixation and needed to keep her mouth busy until the cravings subsided. She was happy to use my cock to occupy her mouth and tongue, and I was more than happy to help by providing a hard dick for her to suck.

Those days have long passed, but these stunning HD films allow me to live out my glory days in the hottest way possible.