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Month: April, 2010

Woman eats all the semen

The libidinous woman who has smoking fetish that mades her inevitably semen swallower.The first thing she does before taking off their clothes is to light a cigarette that speedily recharged her to transform into a wild possess maniac cat woman in bed that fucks dominantly.After yielding a bunch of heat on her partner,will push some more to come up with the most precious thing ” a sticky semen” that are about to be release directly in the mouth but formula can’t be delicious as it was on the first when cigarette are left.She want it to be eaten while having a hits of smoke.

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Virgin ass smoking fetish girl got fucked in her ass on the position of the doggy style after a girls night out party at the club. She meet this muscular guy with a huge penis whom loves to fucked in the ass of all virgin ass lady that she met in clubs. This smoking fetish girl got her first anal sex in the living room of her girl friend because her girl friend is in her room also having her anal sex. This virgin ass lady will never forget the living room of her girl friend because this is where she got her first anal sex.

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Smoking fetish girl gives a blow job on her boyfriend in her room while smoking. She is a type of girl that gives all her best to her man to satisfied it’s sexual pleasure. She started it by giving a nice and smooth blow job and together with that she tease her man by fingering in front of her but still wearing her upper clothes to keep it sexy. She don’t want to be all naked while having sex she is more comfortable when she wears her upper clothes. She removed her upper clothes only when her man is already fucking her.

Smoking fetish gives a blow job.

Smoking fetish girl get a dog style on the bed with her skirt just lift up and her shirt slips up. The red pillow all over the bed matched into her hair to give a hard devastating blow job together with her sexy red finger nails which completes everything on the scene. This smoking fetish girl likes a one theme color she dont want a muti color on her body and in her bed because it destructs her sex performance. All she wanted is a one pattern color on her bed when having sex. The color depends on his mood and attitude.

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Smoking fetish sexy lady with a red nails wants to suck a cock and loves to cum to blast it in her face and swallow some of it. A smoking fetish girl always smoking when having sex with a man she likes to grab a dick and do whatever she wants but she is not giving up her cigarette because she is not comfortable when she is not smoking. You can do whatever you want to her just dont try to ask her to stop smoking while fucking. Smoking is her alternative way on showing her passion in her sex life.

White chick in wild sex

You can find in the smoking fetish a pretty and sexy babe making out with a gorgeous guy while having a cigarette on her hand, do the sucking on the long cock of the guy and rest for a while then sip and puff a smoke. She’s good in stroking a dick that’s why the man can’t help himself but moan so loud for the sensation as she continue giving him a blowjob. For the smoking fetish you will witness her got fucked by him in the sofa in sideways position as he slides his angry cock on the anus of the babe. They shared a hot and long sex until they got to the finish line together sweating and gasping.

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This smoking fetish baby is just incredible. Take a look at her showing it all for you in a cloud of cigarette smoke that makes her even more sexy.

Asian smoking blow job

This Asian smoking fetish babe knows how to suck a cock. She gulps down that huge schlong while she smokes. It’s all very exhausting for her.

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This smoking fetish babe really gives this guy a ride he will remember. She smokes while she sucks his huge cock and then rides it like a cowgirl.

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Watch this incredible smoking fetish scene in which a cute, sexy girl with a great body sucks and fucks that huge throbbing cock while smoking.